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natural medicine

I have discovered that I am not alone in my listening, that almost everyone is listening for something, that the search for places where the singing may be heard goes on everywhere. It is part of the hunger all of us have for the time when we were closer to nature that we are today.


Sigurd Olson, Open Horizons

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Interested in becoming more self-reliant and resilient by reconnecting to old traditional wisdom and plants and brining healing into your own hands?



Anyone who has an interest in healthy living, improving health in a natural way and traditional craft. For foragers, mothers, fathers, wilderness guides, all people who love plants, crafters, DIY enthusiasts and self-sufficiency practitioners. And it's for anyone who enjoys spending a beautiful day outside.



This course will introduce you to local plants that have medicinal properties, as well as plants you might be growing in your garden or already have living on your home spice rack. We learn how to turn them into tinctures, salves and lip balms in our home kitchens.

Our gardens, whether wild bush or self planted green spaces are natural pharmaciesBy the end of the class you will be able to identify common plants, apply the methods learned to a large range of new plants and make your own personalised remedies. We also learn how to make natural mouthwash, as well as get to know some of the amazing properties of well known essential oils, and how to blend them. 

WILD CAPE APOTHECARY's Natural Medicine Making includes:

  • Introduction to medicinal preparations

  • Cultivating relationships with healing plants

  • Infusions and decoctions

  • Tinctures

  • Infused medical vinegars

  • Guidelines to foraging and wildcrafting

  • Harvesting and drying plants

  • Traditional plant gathering practices

  • Infused oils and salves

  • Compresses and poultices


Self-organised groups can be  arranged to suit specific dates. Minimum of 8 people required.

Next Natural Medicine making course:



9:00am - 3pm.

 R945 per person  

(lunch included)

What people have said about the course:

"There is something truly amazing about connecting with nature. It is not only observing the intrinsic beauty of our local flora and fauna but also acknowledging how nature benefits humanity within a social-ecological relationship. Jess facilitates this harmony within her course perfectly. Her knowledge and respect for fynbos is inspiring, but she is also open to learning from whatever the students are willing to share. It is not a teacher-centered philosophy: the group shares stories, ideas, facts, and skills that are relevant to medical fynbos and beyond. However, she holds the space well so that everyone participates and leaves with an even greater love for nature. I loved every minute of it!"

" Jess's Natural Medicine Making Course was a lovely, immersive plant and nature experience. Her knowledge and energy, combined with the beautiful surroundings, made for a gentle and joyful morning. I'm looking forward to some home-made tinctures and salves on my shelf! "

Kari Doorduin.

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