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- namibia

"it is not the people who decide what sort of day it will be, it is the day who decided how the people shall be... and today we are gentle, like small clouds spread across the early African sky"


-the bushman winter has come  

paul john myburgh 

In the heart of Namibia lies a place of rugged beauty which offers us still wild spaces to wander...


Here, through yellowing grass plains, granite koppies and deep gorges we walk, sharing the pathways of elephant, desert rhino and zebra who know the ways to secret springs of water. We adapt to the rhythms of the day, finding the odd tree or rock shelter to rest in while the sun is high, following the pattern of the life that is around us.


In this place the only traces of other humans are the records of those who called this land home -the mountain Bushman - who have etched and painted their knowledge of a way of living in relation to all of life on the surrounding red-orange rocks.


At night we sleep under the stars, next to a fire and take turns keeping watch.


Damaraland is not thought of as an area with big-5 game, but on foot we see the tracks of desert adapted black rhino, lion, elephant and many other animals such as hyena, giraffe, and ostrich who share in the knowing of how to live here using knowledge passed down from generation to generation.


This 5 day journey by foot is a powerful personal and relational experience within the natural world. Up to 8 people can be accommodated.

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