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Are you someone who longs to connect more deeply to nature, to understand more about your unique gifts and how you can offer your work in service to the world at this time of huge change?

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​For those developing their own programmes and projects that involve outdoor work there is a lot to think about and plan before the day arrives to head off into the wilds of your work. I love supporting projects that are contributing to "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible".

So as to balance the energy required in sharing insights for other people's projects, with having enough energy for my own, I offer guidance and consultation sessions that involve a process of questioning as well as provide information on safety, structure, legalities and holding practices. 

Topics can include but are not limited to:


  • Intersection of mental and environmental health - ecotherapy

  • Ecotherapeutic programme design

  • Rites of passage programme design 

  • Logistics for wilderness programmes

    • budgets

    • safety

    • menu / hiking food (specifically re. quantities and nutrition)

    • routes planning

    • legalities / indemnity / insurance

    • equipment lists and rental options

The venue for meetings is ideally in person and involves walking in a wild area. 

The deliberate incorporation of the natural world into the session is to acknowledge the many voices available to us if we care to listen - both in ourselves and in the natural world. Mental effort can only get us so.


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