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in the language of the /Gwikwe, one greets another by asking 

"Tsamkwa /tge?"


"are your eyes nicely open"

more information

before the time:


each person receives a handbook to begin their own preparation,

This includes information on:


  • history of wilderness journey's 

  • refining your intention - the importance of naming what calls you to do this

  • the nature wallk - a solo walk done in nature 1 month before your wilderness vigil

  • about the Cederberg mountains - animals, weather, etc

  • getting the equipment you need together - e.g. sleeping bag, sleeping mat

  • how to prepare for a fast​

the group also meets 1 week before the vigil where themes such as intention, safety and health are discussed and participants get to meet each other.


8 day wilderness vigil outline


severence - days 1+2


  • clarifying your intention in greater depth

  • building  readiness: psychological and emotional

  • safety, health issues

  • self generated ceremony 

  • finding the spot that you will call home for your solo time, getting your water there and creating the stone-pile system with your "buddy"


threshhold - days 3 - 6


  • four days and nights solo in the Cederberg Mountains

  • all-night vigil on the last night


re-incorporation - days 7 & 8


  • return to base camp after sunrise

  • storytelling: deep listening from the group allows us to share our stories. A particular process called mirroring is used by facilitators after each story, to reflect it back so we can hear more fully what is it that we have done.

  • re-incorporation - intergrating what we have found in the mountains into our daily lives and taking that into the world.

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