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SLEEP tincture

SLEEP tincture


SLEEP tincture is a blend of plants that assist with restful sleep. This tincture supports and calms the nervous system, promoting ease and relief from the feelings of stress and anxiety.


Each batch of SLEEP is hand made from ethically gathered plants, sourced from both a private nature reserve in the Deep South of the Cape Peninsula and a certified organic grower.  


The medicinal properties are extracted in a locally made brandy.


Do not take SLEEP if you are pregnant, are affected by iodine or if you have an existing kidney problem.

It is not recommended to take SLEEP if you are on blood thinning medication as Passion Fruit Flower lowers blood pressure. CALM tincture is recommened instead of SLEEP if this applies to you, however still consult your health care provider about the CALM blend, as Valerian Root also lowers blood pressure.


Recommended dosage is 15 drops up to 3 times per day.

Do not take excessive doses or for long periods of time (more than 14 consecutive days).


Warning: In ordinary doses, Valerian has a quieting and soothing influence upon the nervous system and brain. However, in large repeated doses it can produce pain in the head, heaviness, and stupor. It can become addictive, therefore only use when needed.

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