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DANDELION flower tincture

DANDELION flower tincture


DANDELION is one of the most amazing and valuable general tonics. It is a potent anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory. This tincture has been made so as to give the body what it needs in working with inflammation and it supports the upliftment of mood. It relieves menstural cramps as well as headaches.


Each batch of DANDELION tincture is hand made from ethically gathered plants growing wild in a private nature reserve in the Deep South of the Cape Peninsula. 


The medicinal properties are extracted in a locally made brandy.


Recommended dosage is 15 drops up to 3 times per day.

Do not take excessive doses or for long periods of time (more than 14 consecutive days).


Warning: Dandelion is generally considered safe, although some people may be allergic to it. Do not take dandelion if you are allergic to plants from the same family, or similar plants such as ragweed, chrysanthemum, marigold, yarrow, or daisy. Do not take dandelion if you are pregnant and consult your doctor if nursing. And do not take if you have issues with your gall bladder. 

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