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ARTEMISIA tincture

ARTEMISIA tincture


Artemisia afra is one of the oldest indigenous medicinal plants. Each batch of ARTEMISIA tincture is hand made from ethically gathered plants, individually sourced from a private nature reserve in the Deep South of the Cape Peninsula. 

This tincture is about giving the body what it needs in order to fight off respiratory viruses (flus), coughs, pneumonia, sore throats, colds and fever.

It is antiviral and antioxidant.


The medicinal properties are extracted in a locally made brandy, according to one of the traditional South African methods of tincturing. 


Do not take excessive doses or for long periods of time (more than 14 consecutive days), as Artemisia has a chemical called thujone that has potentially toxic properties that can build up with long periods of use.

Also better not to use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Using Artemisia is contraindicated if you hae kidney issues (eg inflammation).

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