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Each week a group of girls sit together in a circle, each taking turns to talk and listen to one another respectfully about their questions, their experiences and their hopes and dreams. Groups are no bigger than 10 participants so that each participant benefits from having enough time to express herself, while also learning from a diversity of other girls. 


Gender specific themes and topics are introduced which relate to the girls’ lives ranging from trusting ourselves, body image, goals setting, bullies, friendships, school pressure, relationships, stress management, and decision making. They express themselves further through creative or focused activities such as land art, nature walks, journaling and poetry.


Each girl comes away with more attunement to her own strengths, a sense of belonging, being part of community, she gains skills in managing difficult emotions and a greater confidence in her unique way of being in the world with her own direction in life.

Circles happen once every week for 6 weeks.

R450 per week / R2 700 for 6 weeks

4pm - 6pm


Please contact me directly to arrange a circle for your daughter and friends.

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